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Cotton 100%
모델 착용 치수 M. 정확한 치수 측정 M 입니다:
  • LENGTH: 70
  • SHOULDER: 45
  • SLEEVE: 24
  • BUST: 104
I do not need to look for models. When I want new ones I choose among those that come to my mind, like, when I am lunching, I choose an apple from a fruit bowl”. Salvatore Ferragamo was born in Bonito in the province of Avellino. He gains experience and studies passionately in the United States and in after a short time he becomes the “shoemaker of the stars”. In 1927, strong of his experience and his American studies, he comes back to Italy and in Florence opens his first women’s shoes production workshop. However, it is in the following year, 1928, that the first Salvatore Ferragamo company was officially established. After a period of crisis during the years of the war, the company knows a new splendour and his shoes become objects of desire of the international jet set and royal families who consider them real works of art, source of inspiration for other designers in the sector. He created shoes with high quality materials such as Indian silks, Chinese brocades, the heels had incredibly artistic shapes that make them creations similar to works of art. He invents the cork wedge put on sandals which will become famous over the years. The company was run by the Ferragamo family until his death in 1960. Today, the company’s production ranges from luxury shoes to the ready-to-wear line of dresses.

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