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This represents an example, among today’s large brands, of how it is possible to produce a casual scarf of very high quality in the West. The company was born in Boston in 1906, and Doctor William Riley, a specialist orthopaedic, was studying the way to create a shoe that could alleviate the discomfort of those forced to stand all day. It was from this simple, but genius idea that the success of a brand was born, a brand that has always invested in study and research of new forms that may create shoes that are not only comfortable, but also innovative from an ergonomic point of view. Since then the company has travelled a long way with its shoes. In 1976 Runners World voted its NB320 shoe “the best running shoe in the world”. And there are many athletes who’ve given their best sporting performance whilst wearing an NB. Another point of pride for the company is to have decided to, at a time when most sports companies have transferred their production to the Far East, maintain its production in the West, increasing the opening of factories both in the UK and in the USA.

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