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A typically Made in Italy brand. It was born in the 1960’s as a family business in a local context where excellency in the manufacture of shoes was commonplace:the Italian region of Marche.The company’s refined forms and uniqueness of the materials used, such as ostrich, crocodile and python leather, led it its significant emergence in the world of shoes.Subsequently, it was with Alfredo Boccaccini that the brand “L’Autre Chose” was born, which perfectly combined the precious craftwork tradition with a modern production vision.Success was immediate. This success was consolidated over the years also by the production of a womenswear line by Michela Casadei, an eclectic art director, sensitive and genial in her production, who turns the company’s philosophy also a mark of its products: Standing out in the fashion landscape in a creative way, continuously searching for “other things”, but following the path marked by the company’s expertise:in any case, a winning mix.

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