Balenciaga: wool sweater
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 Balenciaga Crewneck DONNA
 Balenciaga Crewneck DONNA
 Balenciaga Crewneck DONNA



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Welcome back! Knitted in Italy from pink virgin wool, this classic jumper from Balenciaga is accented with a contrasting black BB logo on the reverse. Ever tried entering a room backwards? Featuring a round neck, long sleeves, a ribbed hem and cuffs and a black designer logo on the back.
“no tailor can make a woman elegant if she is not naturally so” Cristobal Balenciaga learned the art of sewing from his mother, who was a home-based part-time tailor. He immediately demonstrated great talent which led him to open, when still very young, his first studio in San Sebastian. Shortly after, he inaugurated two new locations in Madrid and Barcelona. In 1937, pursued by the Spanish Civil War, Balenciaga was forced to move to Paris, in Rue George V where the brand’s first branded store is still open. He is considered one of the most singular names of 20th century fashion, a true artist in the deepest sense of the term, who combined Parisian refinement with Spanish classicism. Great success came during the 1960’s, when he had the genius idea of reinterpreting the Empire dress. The most elegant ladies and noblewomen, in Paris and elsewhere, chose him, rather, he chose them, to wear his precious dresses. Today, the brand’s creative director is Nicolas Ghesquiere, Jean-Paul Gaultier's pupil, known as ''Fashion’s Picasso” and renowned as one of the hundred most influential people in fashion. Indeed, his shoes can be compared to works of art; shoes is a very restrictive term for this most audacious, original footwear. But Balenciaga has gotten us used to being surprised, to excess, and today it is still amazing us with his successor. Indeed, Ghesquiere took the brand back to its former magnificence, creating a real style but staying faithful to the highly imaginative stile of the master. His Biker Bag is now the stuff of history, a true fashion cult that made Ghesquiere a star beloved of all women who have chosen it as a distinctive mark of their personality.

product code: 1170558
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