Moschino Leather Wallet
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 Moschino Wallets. DONNA
 Moschino Wallets. DONNA
 Moschino Wallets. DONNA
 Moschino Wallets. DONNA



product code: 1128855
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Moschino Leather Wallet:
  • front logo patch
  • one external compartment
  • front flap pocket with snap button fastening
  • snap button fastening
  • one internal bill compartment
  • made in Italy
DETAILS : 100% leather;

MADE IN: Italy
Fashion house established in 1983 by Franco Moschino, one of the more authentic character of 80s’ fashion history. In his creations fashion becomes provocations and paradox target, joking about self image cult that in those years was spreading in the consumption society. Thanks to Cheap&Chic collection he got such a fame and celebrity that make him become the irreverent art master, battles in which he is champion and victim at the same time. It was not by chance that in 1993 the Milan permanent exhibition “10 years kaos” to him was dedicated, here Moschino  for the first time shows himself as painter artist by exhibiting his own paintings. After his death in 1994 his collections kept on being the centre of interest of fashion world, a real mix between originality and fashion, distinctive feature of brand since ever.

product code: 1128855
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