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 Woolrich Short Jackets DONNA
 Woolrich Short Jackets DONNA
 Woolrich Short Jackets DONNA
 Woolrich Short Jackets DONNA


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Woolrich is a brand synonymous with tradition, quality and history. It was in fact in 1830 when Mr Rich and Mr McCormick founded their first wool factory where it all began. Rich’s enterpreneurial skills and insight were crucial to the development of the company on an international scale. It can be rightly said that the history of the Woolrich brand coincided with the history of the United States, in terms of work and suppliers of clothing for the military troops during the war conflicts which went down in American history, such as the Civil War and the Great War. The clothing had to be comfortable, warm, resistant to harsh climates and this is what the company offered. In the years to follow, the Woolrich brand remained loyal to the style which made it succeed and to the high quality of materials used, diversified its production line and covered the sportswear and leisurewear sector becoming the market leader. Their clothing garments became as legendary as history itself: the famous checked shirts made from a specific high quality fabric and the Artic down parka par excellence which soon became a priority for the company, consolidating a style which had already become renowned worldwide.

product code: 3866805
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