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 Fay Short Jackets DONNA
 Fay Short Jackets DONNA
 Fay Short Jackets DONNA



product code: 1116611
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DETAILS : 64% poliammide 36% cotone, fodera 100% poliammide, bordo in maglia 95% poliammide 5% elastan, imbottitura 100% poliestere

Fay is a luxury made in Italy brand, manufactured together with the Hogan brand from the Della Valle family. The Fay brand used to represent an American company who specialised in outer garments. Subsequently, after a change of owners to the Della Valle group, the company made this type of garment a priority and targeted a medium to high end clientele and branched out with various other lines, combining versatility and practicality with sophisticated elegance to produce an unmistakable style. Numerous other styles of jacket followed on from their initial legendary Fay jacket with “four buckles” in cordura nylon that took the global market by storm, for men and women still with a dynamic style and full of glamour. These also achieved great heights. At first glance everyone fell in love with them. The Travel Jacket, a blazer made from quality fabrics, is ideal for the businessman in business meetings and travelling with work but who wants to remain smart in his appearance or the Stadium Jacket, which is very light-weight and with a double layer: down inside and a fleece overcoat, almost irreplaceable for leisure wear or there is the first Artic down jacket designed totally for females, super comfortable and at the same time slim fitting and shaped for the female form whilst still maintaing elegance even when it’s snowing. These garments have become luxury icons, are tastefully refined and have contributed to the growth of the prestigious made in italy style across the world.

product code: 1116611
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