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コード: 224807/AS0001000

コード: 224807/AS0001000

Alexander McQueen
Black Rib Cage Wallet with internal logo stamp, multiple interior card slots and internal flap pocket|719937
Leather 100%
モデル着用のサイズ . サイズの寸法 xxxxxです:
  • HEIGHT: 11
  • WIDTH: 10
An unmistakable and extraordinary style, art masterpieces equal to those of famous artists. A unique creative genius, king and “hooligan” of fashion. Originality and innovation among gothic and at times dark atmospheres, surreal amazement of each fashion show between very high heels and sculptural dresses, a master able to turn fashion into an artistic expression of pure creativity. His rushing inventiveness made it possible to create dresses with precious settings and adorned with feathers, aggressive garments in metal with animal details, as well as georgette dresses, impalpable and floating chiffons and organza. An extraordinary inheritance entrusted today to the artistic sensibility of Sarah Burton, for a gothic style with a moving poetry that turns all women wearing it into charming creatures. ''We English live on an island, and being isolated, we must shout louder than the others so that someone hears what we have to say.'' A.MQ.