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The brand’s designer is Massimo Giorgetti, who is also the original founder together with the Paoloni Group. It debuted in 2009 with a collection that was an instant hit with both buyers and public. It has a young target, but not just age-wise. The brand’s philosophy is to create garments for conceptually-modern people, with a predisposition to changes and thinking. Items have apparently simple and trendy lines, are colourful, trim, embroidered and enriched with ruches. Manufacture is of the highest quality and very detailed.Inspiration in creating the clothes comes from art, music, literature and cinema, and everything else that contributes to enriching the mind and soul in a continued exchange of emotions and feelings. Internet is the place-non-place acting as depository for this exchange, and here is where people meet, constantly and incessantly meeting to exchange moods and opinions. This is the background you can hear when looking at the brand’s collections, maybe mixed with music by the Arctic Monkeys and Alex Turner, but also winking at Giorgetti's fashion legends: YSL, CHanel and Walter Albini.No doubt a good mix, which has produced excellent results.Indeed, the designer was awarded a prize as one of the best breakthrough designers of 2010 in the “Who’s next” competition by Vogue Italia.

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