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Famous eclectic artist business man, Armani is one of the world fashion leader brands, the equivalent of elegance and Italian character. Moving among fashion, sport, music, and art in general, he creates events that have the searching of the real elegance as common theme. Today Armani is a life-style brand developed and introduced at 360 degrees : in addition to clothing and accessories produces sents, glasses, interior design, hotels and thanks to its own unique style it represents the made in Italy excellence in the world.Giorgio Armani collection is the maison first line. Established in 1978 it recalls the elegance of man jacket from male classic style by proposing it again in female collection as unstructured piece by creating the elegance rules but always with the same polished Armani style. Colours are basic, clean refined and fashionable cuts. Each collection kept the specific clothes features unchanged, by introducing more and more charming and glamour look.

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