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Код: 5946737
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СОСТАВ : 100%leather

The Zanellato Company was founded in 1976 in Italy, as artisan leather workshop of accessories, suitcases and men’s and women’s bags. The story of Zanellato is deeply tied to the concept of authenticity and scrupulous elegance, typical of the “made in Italy” sartorial atelier. Its products are real jewels treated and worked with care. The bags are sophisticated and authentic and boast an accurate processing by respecting tradition. Famous is the “Postina” (“Postman”) bag, created at the beginning of the nineties with the idea of recreating the historical postman’s shoulder bag of the fifties, but revised with a modern trend. With its creations Zanellato proposes a new “lifestyle” in which an impeccable and discreet handmade luxury item becomes an indispensable accessory to love, desire and wear.

Код: 5946737
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